Trail One List: Rychlebské Stezky



The Trail One List is our guide to the best mountain bike trails in the world. We know your riding time is precious and travel is expensive. We want you to finish these rides with a giant smile on your face and a heart full of stoke, knowing the juice was worth the squeeze.

You might not be impressed if you JUST take a look at the map of Rychlebské Stezky in Czechia. But if you are lucky enough to actually ride this place (or watch the video above) you’ll see the phrase "the map is not the terrain" come to life. Endless work has been done to create a true mountain biker’s paradise. RYS has tough, tough tech, fun, fun flow and everything in between. You will be challenged, and you will have a lot of fun.

The amenities are fantastic. They have built a great cafeteria, bathrooms, showers, bike stands, plenty of parking and a creekside “chill zone” that is a perfect place to relax between laps.

One day of riding here is not enough, give yourself at least two days to explore all the trails and push yourself to take on some tough challenges.

Every trailbuilder and trail center manager needs to visit this place to experience a world class operation.

The Trail System


If you're driving in from Europe there is camping available at the trail center, as well as several local accommodations that cater to mountain bikers.

If you're coming from somewhere outside of Europe your best bet is to book the Moravian tour with Czech MTB Holidays. That trip includes two days of riding at RYS and plenty of other great Czechian trails.