When it comes to riding a bike, handlebars are a very important part - especially when it comes to riding a mountain bike. The need to have a strong handlebar that not only gives you confidence, but also has the correct shape, rise, sweep and feel, can make all the difference when setting up your bike. Our Crockett Carbon and Crockett Alloy bars were made to fit all of our criteria. Our Crockett Carbon bars come in two different rises; a 20mm rise and 35mm rise. Both have a 35.0mm stem clamp diameter. We chose these rises as we feel they are the best two for any type of riding. The 20mm rise bars are great for shorter travel bikes, bikes with long headtubes, or a rider who prefers a lower handlebar height. The 35mm rise bars are great to get back on the bike more, typically for mid-travel trail bikes up to DH bikes, gets your chest up more, and is amazing for steep terrain and jumping. Both the 20mm rise and 35mm rise have an 8-degree backsweep and a 5-degree upsweep at 800mm wide while being able to cut down to 740mm. We have put cut lines every 10mm so you can get as precise as you need. Weighing in at 205g and 216g for 20mm and 35mm rise respectively. Tested to ISO4210-5 standards.

The Crockett Alloy handlebars are a great option if you are looking for a more budget handlebar option to upgrade your current bike, or if you just prefer the feel and strength of alloy bars. For our alloy bars, we have two different versions as well, with a 31.8mm x 25mm rise and a 35.0mm x 35mm rise. We choose to offer two different rises and clamp diameters to best suit the demand for alloy bars. Both Crockett Alloy bars have an 8-degree backsweep with a 5-degree upsweep and come in at 800mm wide. The 35mm rise bar weighs in at 420g while the 25mm rise bar is at a light 353g for an alloy bar, both tested to ISO4210-5 standards. If you want to match the color of your bike, make your bars pop or quiet them down a bit. We have Handlebar Decal kits available, coming with two sets of decals that work with all of our Crocket handlebars. 

We are on a mission to make phenomenal products that support the sport of mountain biking. For every Crockett Handlebar sold, we will donate $1 to  Crockett Hills Regional Park in California. We exist to support the trails we love, the people that take care of them, and to make your riding experience exceptional. Check out our philanthropy projects at trailone.bike/projects.