When we set out to make a mountain bike stem, we wanted to nail a few things on our Rockville, Viking and Slickrock stems. First, they have to have a good, clean aesthetic. We chose to make a stem with clean lines that have a sharp, yet industrial feel to it. Next, we wanted to have a strong, yet lightweight stem, so we removed as much material as possible, while still retaining strength. All of our stems pass ISO4210-5 testing. Lastly, we went with minimal branding. While we love our brand, nobody wants to ride billboard bike parts that take away from the appearance of your bike. The Rockville stem is our premium stem. Made in California, the Rockville is made from 6061 alloy, 35.0mm handlebar clamp, available in a 32mm and 40mm length, and weighs in at 144g and 157g respectively. We also have two colors for the Rockville - an industrial black, and a clear anodize. Next in our stem lineup is the Viking stem. Taking lots of the design cues from the Rockville, the Viking structure is the same with just a bit less machining, taking less time to produce and therefore being a bit more budget friendly. Still being fully CNC’d, the Viking stem comes in a 40mm length and both 31.8mm & 35.0mm handlebar clamp diameters.

The third stem in the Trail One Components lineup is the Slickrock stem. It happens to be our most affordable stem, but make no mistake, we didn't cut corners when making this stem. With a fully CNC’d design and a blasted matte black finish, the bones of the Slickrock stem are the same as our Rockville and Viking stem with a faster machining process so we can pass the savings onto you. The Slickrock also comes in 40mm length with both 31.8mm and 35.0mm handlebar clamp diameters. If you want to add some color pop to your stems, check out the Trail 1 Components Titanium Stem Bolt upgrade kit. This kit comes with 6 bolts for all the bolts on your stem and we offer it in Rainbow, Gold, Black, and Raw colors. With a M5 x 18mm size, it fits a ton of different stems besides the Trail One Components stems. If you have questions about our stems, stem bolts or anything else, please contact us.

We are on a mission to make phenomenal products that support the sport of mountain biking. For every Rockville Stem sold, we will donate $1 to Rockville Hills Regional Park in California. We exist to support the trails we love, the people that take care of them, and to make your riding experience exceptional. Check out our philanthropy projects at