Vortex Pedal Rebuild Kit & Installation Instructions

How To Redeem Your Vortex Pedal Rebuild Kit:

Vortex Composite Pedal Rebuild

With every purchase of the Trail One Vortex Pedals, we provide 1 free rebuild kit per year for the life of the pedals. What does that mean? Well exactly that, around the 1 year after your date of purchase for the pedals, send in your information and we will send out 1 rebuild kit free of charge. We believe your parts should last and the brands should help in doing so. The rebuild kit comes with all the wearable internals; Spindle nut, washer, Bearing, DU Bushing, bearing and external Dust Cap (x2 for both pedals). 

Trail One Components Vortex Pedal Rebuild Kit

How to reach out:

When you get to the 1 year mark after buying your pedals, reach out using our CONTACT FORM. In the message on the contact form please put the following details:

  • First and Last name

  • Order Number

  • Email address

  • Say “Redeeming my 1 year pedal rebuilt kit"

Once we get that email, we will set up an order for your free rebuild kit. Simple as that! 


Now to help you install your rebuild kit, we have step-by-step instructions below. Please read all of the instructions and make sure you have all the proper tools to perform the rebuild. 

** Coming Soon **