Trail One Components Hell's Gate Grip vs Farlow Gap Grip

Farlow Gap Grip Left, Hell's Gate Grip Right

Grips are a very personal part on a mountain bike, it's your first point of contact to the bike, the one you immediately feel with your hands and fingers, and having the right grip can make a huge improvement or make you feel totally off on your bike setup. There are lots of things to look at, first he shape and diameter of the grip. Do you prefer a larger diameter or thinner? We have two grips to fit both, the Hell’s Gate Grip was our first grip and falls into the slightly thicker category at 32mm body diameter, whereas our Farlow Gap Grips are the in the latter category at 30.5mm body diameter, which is more down the middle or regular thickness. Next you have the rubber compound, for the most part we find that riders like a soft and tacky rubber for grips, we use A20 rubber that strikes the balance between soft and tacky while still being durable enough to last a riding season. Last, you have the clamp style, or lack there of, both our our grip models use a single lock on clamp with a tapered inner core so you get no twist but still have a solid grip and also get rubber to the edge of the bar so your hand stays nice and comfy. 

Both of our grips are designed by our head engineer based on feedback from our team and our customers. They also give back $1 per pair sold with the Hell’s Gate Grips giving back to Kijabe Mountain Biking in Kenya where we have already donated over $5,000 USD! Our Farlow Gap Grips are the news grip in our lineup, but also give back to the Pisgah Area SORBA trail network in Pisgah National Forrest, NC, USA. 

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