Sage Alloy Pedal Left, Vortex Composite Pedal Right

If you are a flat pedal rider, you have most likely found yourself in this pickle: do you spend the extra cash for alloy pedals or go with the cheaper composite versions? We offer both for a reason, the no feature missed Sage Alloy Pedal alongside the durable and affordable Vortex Composite Pedal. First, let's look at the details and what you want in a flat mountain bike pedal. Both of our pedals feature a symmetrical body design with real concave. This means the pedal body is the same distance from the spindle on the leading and trailing edges, giving you an even balance over the spindle. Real concave means the center spindle of the pedal is thinner than the leading and trailing edges, so your foot and the sole of your shoe "sink" or "sit" into the pedal. Having ridden and tested just about every pedal out there, we found these two top features made for a good flat pedal.

Next, we look at how thin the pedal is, as creating a concave pedal while also keeping it as thin as possible is a precise balance. Our Sage Alloy pedal has a leading edge thickness of 15.5mm and a platform size of 110 x 110mm with 5.5mm tall pins. The Vortex Composite pedal is 14.5mm and has a platform size of 105mm x 105mm with 4.5mm tall pins.

Durability and longevity are also crucial. Finding a bearing and bushing system that is durable, lightweight, and thin enough to work with the thin platform we need to achieve the overall design is essential. Not only do we think our pedals withstand hard everyday riding, but we also offer one free rebuild kit per year for the life of the pedal. Yup, hit our Sage/Vortex Pedal Rebuild Kit page and use the contact form around the one-year mark of ownership, and we will send you a rebuild kit free of charge. That is how much we believe in our design and want to have a long-lasting product on the market.

Both of our pedals are designed by our head engineer based on feedback from our team and our customers. They also give back $1 per pair sold. The Vortex Composite pedal supports the Ocala Mountain Bike Association INC. in Ocala, Florida, USA. Our Sage Alloy Pedals are the new pedals in our lineup and will be giving back to the Sage Trail Alliance based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

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